GFY Elite Professional All Leather Muay Thai Pads - (pair)

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GFY Ankle Wraps/Supports $15.00
You can now own the very best Thai Pads. Multi-layered Thai Pads provide excellent shock absorbing properties and superb protection for the pad holder, and the person striking. Adjustable all leather wrist and forearm easy Velcro strap closure system with extra padding under the forearm, and on the back of the straps that are against your arm. No pad feels as secure and comfortable. Special design allows easy on/off, but holds much more securely than the "2-piece" strap design on many you'll see - but much easier to put on than "buckle" type designs. Riveted grip handle for years of use. Provide the perfect impact tension with every hit. Many years of training and use taught us what we DON'T like and what we DO like about other Thai Pads. We designed these as the best of the best. Highest quality all leather construction with triple stitched seams - the best Thai Pads available. Superior design, comfort and durability. Measures 16" x 8" x 4" Comes in pairs (2 Pads) Price: $119.99 per pair.
GFY Elite Professional All Leather Muay Thai Pads - (pair)
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Price $119.99