GFY MMA Grappling Shin and Instep Guards

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Brain Pad Mouth Guard LoPro+ $14.95
GFY MMA Grappling Shin/Instep Guards. Designed and built to keep the guards on during intense MMA training and grappling. 1" of contoured sleek foam padding on front covered by tough leather and attached neoprene backside makes for an unbeatable combination. Hook-and-loop strap on top keeps guards secure during use. Full neoprene back provides added security, more coverage and additional lower leg protection. Easy slip on and off design. Sizes - Small (up to 130 lbs), Medium (130-175 lbs) and Large (over 175 lbs) CAMO APPROVED! Price: $39.99
GFY MMA Grappling Shin and Instep Guards
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Price $39.99